AUUA's Top Doctors Contribute to a Mission of Medical Service

One of the ways top doctors distinguish themselves from other doctors is their development of a mission of service. As a team, AUUA has formulated a mission of service to the community, one that is focused on maintaining a practice with the most comprehensive and advanced range of minimally invasive solutions. By focusing on this aspect of urologic practice, AUUA’s top doctors take the responsibility for keeping current and reeducating themselves anew with each medical breakthrough. Learn more about our Top Doctors contributions to the National Community of Doctors here.

While many practices rely on tried-and-true methods, they deny their patients access to new procedures that are often superior in efficacy, recovery time, convenience, and reduced pain. AUUA’s willingness to learn new methods and employ the latest technology ensures that their patients receive the best options for their particular urinary challenge.

The range of minimally invasive procedures AAUA currently provides is impressive and includes ThermiVa, a state-of-the-art, low risk solution for women who experience incontinence and leakage, acoustic wave therapy for ED, Rezūm, a minimally invasive alternative to BPH medications, the UroLift® System, a revolutionary, minimally invasive method for treating an enlarged prostate, and many more.

AUUA’s extensive professional experience focuses on the treatment of complex urology problems, like vaginal prolapse, kidney cancer, vasectomies, vasectomy reversals, and erectile dysfunction, incontinence, prostate cancer, and more. With years of accumulated experience, AUUA’s team of top doctors has performed thousands of surgical procedures, found alternatives to surgery, and have guided many patients back to their healthy and normal function. AUUA strives every day to serve their patients, lead the way in urologic practice, and act as vital members of their community. If you or loved one is suffering from urinary issues, or if you need reliable and professional examinations to stay informed about your urologic health, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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