Find the best time to talk about it

Be Sensitive and Honest

Some couples find it easy to discuss their sex life openly with each other, while, for others, discussing ED problems can be difficult and awkward, and this hesitancy can be a serious barrier to recovery. Lingering emotional issues can also impinge on a relationship and can undermine its integrity. When discussing ED problems is uncomfortable and unproductive, it is often advisable to seek out a qualified sex counselor for a focused conversation in a neutral setting. Progress can be made when you approach the issue with your partner non-confrontationally and with discretion, kindness, and sensitivity. Knowing that many men suffer from ED and that it becomes increasingly more common with age often helps men resolve their ED problems. For many men suffering from feelings of inadequacy, performance anxiety, and other emotional issues, knowing also that ED can also be attributed to many combined factors, both psychological and physical, can be a relief.

It’s also helpful to know there are many available treatments, from over the counter traditional medications, PDE-5 medications such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, to penile surgery, and now, acoustic wave therapy for ED.

Talking about ED can bolster efforts in dealing with it instead of living with it. Informing yourself about the prevalence of complications from aging and other physical conditions, and sharing ED information with your partner can also make a vital difference in recovery.

Learning about acoustic wave therapy for Ed is one example where updated knowledge can be helpful. Shock wave therapy is a recent innovation in ED treatment many men do not yet know about. Used in an orthopedic context for many years with proven results, Shockwave therapy applies this acoustic wave therapy for ED, with very promising results. The treatment program involves a series of 6 sessions to apply soundwaves to the penis and surrounding tissue. Once the program is completed, patients experience a marked increase in their sexual function. Acoustic wave therapy for ED is not yet approved by the FDA, but some clinics report a 93% success rate in decreasing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and the positive effects of acoustic wave therapy for ED can last up to two years.

Find the best time to talk about ED with your partner. Take the difficult step forward, and help your partner with ED. You’ll both be happier.


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