Cosmetic Female External Genital Procedures

If you have a difficult time reaching sexual climax, suffer from sexual dysfunction, experience pain during intercourse, or feel vaginal discomfort during everyday activities or when wearing tight-fitting clothing, then Arizona Urology may be able to help. Academic Urology & Urogynecology of Arizona specializes in female urogynecology and offers discreet and confidential help for women of all ages. There are a wide range of female urological problems, such as those noted, that affect thousands of women in the United States alone. At Arizona Urology, we want you to know that if you experience one or a combination of these urological problems, you are not alone. We want you to be informed and know that there are treatments that are effective solutions. Read on to learn more.

Understanding Anatomy

The amount of tissue that surrounds the clitoris is different for every woman. Prepuce refers to tissue in the clitoral hoods, which covers the clitoris to protect against undue abrasion or over stimulation. Women with small clitoral nodes or those who have excess Prepuce tissue find that they can’t achieve orgasm, or have a harder time reaching climax. The clitoris is literally covered (or restricted by too much tissue), greatly lessening tactile sensation and/or eliminating it entirely. Some women have enlarged labia minor (inner lips) tissue and/or labia majora (outer lips) tissue due to genetics, sexual intercourse, difficulties in childbirth, or significant weight gain or loss. Enlarged inner or outer labia can be painful, cause constant irritation, and result in feelings of unattractiveness or inadequacy.

Female External Genital Cosmetic Surgery

To determine if you are a candidate for female genital cosmetic surgery, the physicians at Academic Urology & Urogynecology of Arizona may perform a series of tests to detect clitoral sensitivity and size, width of vaginal canal, and ease of clitoral de-sheathing – the process (which typically occurs during intercourse) whereby the dermal sheath covering the clitoral node is exposed. If surgery is determined the best treatment, our female urology specialists will decide what procedure (or combination of surgical procedures) is most appropriate for you and your condition. Listed below are a few of the cosmetic feminine procedures available at Academic Urology & Urogynecology of Arizona.

  • Clitoral Unhooding (Also Known as Hoodectomy or Clitoral Circumcision) - is a minor feminine genital surgical procedure to remove excess Prepuce tissue – the surrounding “hood” that sheaths the clitoral node on three sides. Clitoral unhooding is shown to reduce excess tissue in order to create a more attractive vaginal area and allow more stimulation to the clitoris.
  • Vaginoplasty (Also Known as Vaginal Rejuvenation or Tightening of the Vagina) - is a procedure to correct the problem of stretched vaginal muscles resulting from childbirth(s). Women, who undergo vaginoplasty surgery or laser-assisted vaginal rejuvenation, find that they have greater contraction strength and control, and enhanced sensation during sexual experiences.
  • Labiaplasty (Also Referred to as Labioplasty or Labial Surgery) - is a surgical procedure that will reduce and/or reshape the labia minora – the skin that covers the female clitoris and vaginal opening. Labia minora reduction can greatly improve the aesthetic appearance of the abnormally enlarged labis.
  • G-spot Enhancement/Augmentation - is a female plastic surgery procedure that uses human collagen to make the patient’s G-spot more pronounced. Many patients who undergo G-spot enhancement/augmentation (or amplification) experience greater and faster sexual responses.
  • Perineoplasty - is a procedure that restores an injured perineum (the area between the vagina and the rectum), which can make the vaginal opening wider than normal. Perineoplasty surgery helps patients achieve a tightened vaginal canal, and in some cases reduced pelvic pressure and improved bowel movements.

Recovery time depends on the procedure; however, most patients walk comfortably within a few days and return to sexual activities within 4-6 weeks. Typically, pain is minimal and can be controlled with oral medications. The surgeons at Academic Urology & Urogynecology of Arizona will review surgical risks and costs with you during private consultation. For more information, call Academic Urology & Urogynecology of Arizona at 623-547-2600.


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