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For men with ED problems, there is good news. By learning more about the details regarding ED—the cause of ED, the symptoms and treatment options, and more, men are able to make an informed decision about the most effective ED treatment. There is a wide range of effective treatment options and it is likely there is an ED treatment that will be effective for you.

Sometimes it's not easy to discuss ED problems openly and sensitively with one’s partner. If a couple finds that the subject is difficult to discuss, or if there are other lingering unspoken issues between sexual partners, it might make sense to consult a sex counselor. In any case, approaching the issue with discretion, kindness, and sensitivity is a critical step forward in solving ED problems.

Understanding ED helps. Knowing that many men suffer from ED, that ED becomes increasingly more common with age, and can be attributed to many combined factors, both psychological and physical, often helps men take the steps to solve their ED problems. It also helps to know there many available treatments, including over the counter traditional medications, PDE-5 medications such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, penile surgery and now, acoustic wave therapy for ED. Learning that ED can emerge from aging and other physical conditions also helps men suffering from ED to seek a solution.

Learning about recent innovations in ED treatment is also helpful. For example, some men may not have heard about Shock wave therapy. Also known as acoustic wave therapy for ED, Shock wave therapy is an erectile dysfunction option that has proven highly effective for most men. Sound pulse technology has been used in an orthopedic context for many years with proven results. In an ED context, shockwave therapy is used to apply soundwaves to the penis and surrounding tissue over the course of six sessions. Once completed, many patients have reported a marked increase in their sexual function. Sometimes the positive effects may be felt after the first session, and some clinics report a 93% success rate for their patients in decreasing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Some men report positive effects from shock wave treatment for up to two years.

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