Helping Your Partner

It can be much easier to face ED problems if your sex partner cares enough to help you resolve them. Then you’re not suffering alone, and your partner becomes an important ally in dealing with your ED problems resolutely and decisively.

Learn About ED

Taking time to learn more about erectile dysfunction—its many possible causes, symptoms and treatment options, allows men and their sexual partners to make informed decisions. In some cases, and for some couples, the opportunity to discuss it openly and sensitively does not freely arise. For couples where an open discussion is difficult, a sex counselor might be an excellent option. It always helps to approach the issue non confrontationally and with discretion, kindness, and sensitivity. For many men who suffer with feelings of inadequacy or other emotional factors, it can be helpful to know that many men suffer from ED, and that ED becomes increasingly more common as men age. It also helps to know that ED can be attributed to many combined factors, both psychological and physical. It’s also helpful to know there is a wide range of available treatments, from over the counter traditional medications, PDE-5 medications such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, to penile surgery and now, acoustic wave therapy for ED.

Knowing about the prevalence of ED complications that result from aging and other physical conditions, and the availability of many different treatment options tends to hearten men suffering from ED, and helps them deal with it instead of living with it. Sharing ED information with your partner can make the critical difference.

For example, few men have heard about acoustic wave therapy for ED. A recent innovation in ED treatment, sound pulse technology has been applied in an orthopedic context for many years with proven results. Now the acoustic wave therapy is being used for ED, with very promising results. Applying soundwaves to the penis and surrounding tissue over the course of six sessions has proven to increase sexual performance, and some clinics report a 93% success rate. Some men experience the positive effects of shock wave treatment for up to two years.

Take the difficult step of approaching your partner’s ED problems. Bring what you learn about ED into the conversation, and help your partner with their erectile dysfunction issues. You’ll both be happier.


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