How Does Wave Therapy Work?

Shock wave therapy uses soundwaves to stimulate neovascularization (new blood vessel development in the stimulated tissue) and nerve regeneration. As a low intensity, non-invasive, and drug-free solution, acoustic wave therapy offers significant benefits over other treatments, and may well prove to be the most effective ED treatment for many men.

A program of six sessions is recommended. Each session begins with the application of a topical numbing solution over the treatment area. This includes under the testicles and up to the perineum, except with patients who have prostate cancer. Then ED specialists will use an instrument to deliver soundwaves that stimulate a mechanical and chemical response in the body. Mechanically, the soundwaves break up micro-plaque in the corpora cavernosa, the arteries that feed the penis. Shock wave therapy also aids in nerve regeneration over time. Most patients report increased sensitivity, and firmer, longer lasting erections. For men with ED, the recommended treatment includes 6 treatments, one every other day for two weeks or twice a week for three weeks. Those simply looking for better performance can space the treatment farther apart.

Shock wave therapy has proven effective for many types of ED problems, including those whose ED results from diabetes and neurological complications, and, unlike Viagra and other potency drugs, acoustic wave therapy for ED treats the cause instead of the symptom, and provides more than a short term effect. The increase in nitric oxide produces a similar effect as PDE-5 drugs, but Shock wave therapy offers longer lasting and more restorative results. For some men, the effect of the treatment can last up to two years.

Patients are advised to make immediate use of the treatment by having an erection soon after treatment, including having sex, in order to catalyze the effects of the treatment.. Some patients report positive effects after the first session.

Discuss shock wave therapy with erectile dysfunction specialists in Arizona to see whether it’s the best ED treatment option for you.


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