Impotence Drugs & Medications

Over the counter ED meds include traditional natural medicines such as Yohimbe and Korean Ginseng, with a long history of effectiveness. While these options are still recommended today, ever since the advent of PDE5 Inhibitor ED medications such as Vardenafil (Viagra), Sildenafil (Levitra), and Tadalafil (Cialis), they have become the first line ED treatment, no matter the cause. PDE5 inhibitors increase the blood flow into the penis and reduce blood flow out of the penis, and are highly effective for most men. Most patients will generally achieve an erection with any of these prescribed drugs, but patients may prefer one type of PDE5 over another. With the release of avanafil, there are currently four available ED medications. An ED specialist’s recommendation will depend on patient-specific considerations and preferences.

Alprostadil is another drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. Classified as a vasodilator Alprostadil works by relaxing the muscles and blood vessels in the penis. Alprostadil does not cure erectile dysfunction or increase sexual desire; instead, it is used to keep enough blood in the penis so that an erection can occur. Clinical trials have shown that topical alprostadil cream increases erectile function, and has also proven to be more effective for the treatment of arterial and neurologic causes of ED. Alprostadil injections and suppositories can also be used to treat certain types of erectile dysfunction and are also sometimes used in combination with other tests to diagnose erectile dysfunction.

The criteria for judging the effectiveness of any one ED medication choice is its efficacy, side effects, duration of action, daily use, and overall satisfaction. An ED medication should be easy to take, have predictable effects within a predictable timeframe, and minimal side effects. Patients should have the option to choose a medication that works immediately and then wears off, or take a medication that may be slightly delayed in its effects but remains effective for hours. In recent years, the definition for the effectiveness of ED meds has changed to include medications that could be taken every day instead of only when needed. The ED medication must be cost effective for the patient, and the prescriber must be familiar with the limits of each ED medication.

Side Effects of ED Medications

The most commonly experienced side effects from ED medications include headache, flushing, and visual disturbances.

If a diagnosis reveals that a patient’s ED is caused by some kind of hormonal imbalance, testosterone therapy may be recommended.

ED Prescriptions Online

Because the use of PDE5 ED medications is so widespread, we now enjoy the ability to obtain them online with a valid prescription. ED prescriptions online need to be managed just like any other prescription medications. ED specialists will outline their preferences regarding a patient’s use of online services.

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