What nerve causes erectile dysfunction?

Because basic nerve function is one of the key aspects of normal sexual function neurological conditions are among the most challenging of the many types of physical causes for erectile dysfunction. Since an erection is a neurovascular occurrence, any disease or dysfunction that affects the brain, spinal cord, cavernous and pudendal nerves can contribute to erectile dysfunction. The MPOA, the paraventricular nucleus, and the hippocampus are important integration centers for sexual drive and penile erection, and ED specialists focus their attention on nerve problems and effective ED treatments for neurological disorders.

Treatment options for ED caused by nerve problems

Ever since PDE5 inhibitors were introduced on the market, medications such as Vardenafil (Viagra), Sildenafil (Levitra), and Tadalafil (Cialis) have become the first-line ED treatment, whatever the specific ED causes. Surgical procedures are also performed to treat ED problems and include penile implant surgery, bilateral nerve-sparing surgery, and unilateral nerve-sparing surgery. Venous leak conditions can also cause ED and also require surgery, with venous constriction devices to improve a man’s ability to have and maintain an erection.

Alprostadil is another drug that is also used as an ED treatment. Classed in a group of medications called vasodilators, Alprostadil relaxes the muscles and blood vessels in the penis. Alprostadil is not used to cure erectile dysfunction or increase sexual desire, but clinical trials have shown topical alprostadil cream to increase erectile function, and have also proven to be especially effective for the treatment of arterial and neurological causes of ED.

Promising Innovations

Shockwave, and other companies such as GAINSwave, have introduced an important innovation in ED treatment. Known as acoustic wave therapy, this technique applies pulses to the genital area over a series of sessions. Shock wave has proven effective for those with physical conditions such as diabetes and vascular disease, and may well prove to be the most effective ED treatment for those with neurological complications as well.

Acoustic wave therapy for ED treats more than the symptoms, because the sound wave technology induces new blood vessel development and nerve regeneration. Damaged blood vessels and nerves can be renewed or replaced in the course of therapy, and over time, acoustic wave therapy stimulates healthy tissue growth, increases blood flow, and promotes greater sensitivity and performance. These features make acoustic wave therapy especially beneficial for those suffering from nerve problems.

For men seeking an alternative to surgery or drug therapy, and something more than short term results, shockwave also offers an important alternative to Viagra and other potency drugs. A typical acoustic wave therapy program includes 6 treatments, one every other day for two weeks, or twice a week for three weeks. Once the program is completed, patients report longer lasting erections and improved sexual function. Some men experience positive effects up to two years after treatment.

If you are suffering from ED, and think it might be associated with neurological or nerve problems, consult with an erectile dysfunction specialist and make sure to see if they offer acoustic wave therapy for ED.


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