Signs and Symptoms of ED

There are natural ups and downs over the course of one’s sexual life. Not all lapses of performance are an indication of an ED condition. ED is fairly common, and increases in likelihood as men age. Occasional ED can be attributed to tiredness, or too much to drink, stress, or simply the wrong mindset for the moment. Frequent ED, however, can become a serious problem in one’s life, and it’s best to address the issue promptly and effectively.

How to Check for ED

Male sexual performance is determined by the responsiveness of the penis in the excitement phase, the endurance of the erection during intercourse, and the control of the ejaculatory response.

Having a sexual partner with whom one frequently has sexual activity can often be a helpful gauge of one’s performance. People with infrequent sexual contact will usually have more difficulty in addressing the real causes of ED, as performance anxiety can play a substantial role in these situations, along with other psychological factors. For example, some ED treatments can initially include medications to overcome doubts in sexual performance, and be tapered off as men increase in confidence.

Similar issues arise regarding ejaculatory performance. No one possesses complete control of their ejaculatory response, and not all instances of premature ejaculation should be regarded as a serious problem. The frequency of the problem needs to be gauged by the patient and their partner(s).

For men with chronic ED problems who do not respond to ED medications, or who are seeking a non-drug solution, may opt for acoustic wave therapy for ED. Also known as Shockwave or GAINSwave therapy, it has proven to be a most effective ED treatment for many patients, with some real practical benefits. ED specialists can also provide surgical options for those who do not respond to other ED treatments.

Performance and perception both play a role in the restoration of natural sexual function as well. While psychological counseling is helpful, the direct treatment of one’s mechanical performance can also help boost confidence and help overcome lingering psychological issues. Skilled specialists will diagnose the condition in its comprehensive context, and will make treatment recommendations that are tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

If your occasional ED is becoming too frequent, it may be time to consult a specialist. Discuss your ED problems and recover your natural sexual function.


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