Softer Erections

While many men have the problem of achieving an erection, other men experience ED find they can only have softer erections, and too soft for intercourse. Whether the problem of a limp penis is the result of a buildup of micro-plaque in the arteries that feed the penis or a host of other physical causes, or psychological issues, due to problems in the excitement phase, there are a range of excellent treatment options.

For men who can only achieve a weak erection, and those having trouble keeping an erection to last long enough to please themselves and their partner, there are effective ways to get hard and to stay hard. Traditional natural supplements, like ginseng and yohimbe are sometimes recommended, but the success of ED medications such as Vardenafil (Viagra), Sildenafil (Levitra), and Tadalafil (Cialis) have effectively become the first line of treatment, and have transformed ED treatments. Many men have found success with these medications, and find it the most direct way to solve the problem of a flaccid penis.

Another drug that is used to treat ED works by another method. Classed in a group of medications called vasodilators, alprostadil relaxes the muscles and blood vessels in the penis. While Alprostadil does not cure erectile dysfunction or increase sexual desire, clinical trials have shown topical alprostadil cream to increase erectile function. Alprostadil has also proven more effective in the treatment of the arterial and neurologic causes of ED. In addition to the use of topical cream, Alprostadil injections and suppositories are used to treat certain types of erectile dysfunction. Alprostadil is also sometimes used in combination with other tests to diagnose erectile dysfunction.

Men who don’t respond to ED medications, or who are looking for drug-free ED treatments can opt for surgical methods such as penile implant procedures. For many men, a relatively new option known as acoustic wave therapy for ED, with products such as Shockwave or Gainswave, are now proving to be the most effective ED treatment. Shockwave treatment uses soundwaves and stimulates a mechanical and chemical response in the body. Over time, neovascularization, or new blood vessel formation develops, and more blood is directed to the penis. Shockwave also aids in nerve regeneration, and provides the increased sensitivity that results in firmer, longer lasting erections. As an important alternative to Viagra and other potency drugs, Shockwave therapy offers more than short term results. The recommended treatment includes 6 treatments, one every other day for two weeks, or twice a week for three weeks.

ED specialists have found that the patients receiving Shockwave treatment experience longer lasting erections and improved sexual function. The effect of the treatment can last up to two years.

If you are suffering from the effects of ED, and experience ED problems like a flaccid limp penis and softer erections that are too soft for sex, it’s time to get help with ED from specialists who can offer the latest methods to last long enough and enjoy sex again.


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