Sound Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Boost your sexual performance with clinically proven, non-invasive and painless vascular enhancement.

How It Works

Shockwave sound wave therapy has been used for years to successfully treat soft tissue and venous damage. This proven technology is now available for penile enhancement and repair. It works by stimulating a mechanical response in the body. Mechanically, low energy sound waves break up micro plaque in the arteries and induce neovascularization, so more blood can be directed to the penis. Patients experience increased sensitivity and firmer, longer lasting erections.

How Long Does it Take for Results?

While the first treatment may not have an effect, patients often experience positive effects after the first session. Patients are advised to make immediate use of the treatment by having an erection soon after treatment in order to catalyze the effects of the treatment.

How Successful is the Therapy?

The advent of sound wave therapy has stimulated numerous studies that attest to its efficacy. Results can be expected to last as long as two years.

What Treatment is Like

You’ll be in the care of our experienced physicians who have your comfort and privacy in mind. A typical session lasts 20-25 minutes. The patient first applies a gel on their genitals. Then the therapist uses an instrument to apply sound waves. Patients will see redness in the treated area of the skin which indicates a healthy response. Because erectile tissue extends beyond the area of the penis, treatment will include the area under the testicles and up to the perineum, except with patients who have prostate cancer.

For those with ED, the recommended treatment is weekly for six weeks.



  • Restores the natural blood flow to your penis
  • Non-invasive, painless
  • Restorative technology; no pills, no drug interactions
  • Effective for penile curvature (Peyronie's Disease)
  • Increased sensation and performance
  • No down time
  • Immediate and lasting results
  • Treats the cause, not the symptom


Who It Works For

  • Men experiencing age related decline in potency
  • Those who have experienced changes induced by nerve or soft tissue damage, such as bicycle riding, physical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, or prostate surgery
  • Men with reduced blood flow due to diabetes
  • Men with high blood pressure conditions that disallow drug treatment
  • Men with ED who are looking for non-drug alternatives and a reduced reliance on penis pumps.

Let AUUA Make It Work for You

AUUA’s team of experienced medical professionals are leaders in the field of male urology. Their interest in cutting-edge technology and the introduction of sound wave therapy for ED indicates their commitment to advancing the best care possible to their patients, and provides another valuable option for men seeking to achieve better performance and potency.


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