Surgery for Male Impotence

Penis Surgery for Male Impotence

Experienced erectile dysfunction specialists can also perform Erectile Dysfunction and male impotence surgery. This type of surgery involves the use of implant technology. Implanted Erectile Dysfunction devices (IEDs) fall into two categories: a malleable penile prosthesis, which involves the surgical insertion of rods into the corpora cavernosa, and an inflatable penile prosthesis. The inflatable penis implant is available in two or three piece models and consists of surgically implanted cylinders that expand with fluid through a touch-activated implanted reservoir pump.

Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie’s Disease is a condition that results in the curvature of the penis when erect. Patients with a progressive or severe case can find relief with an operation known as a plication procedure. Abnormal scar tissue or plaque is removed and the penis is straightened. Plaque incisions and grafting is another surgical treatment for Peyronie’s Disease, and includes incisions made into the plaque, where skin grafts are subsequently inserted to increase the surface area and to correct the curvature of the penis. In some cases, a plaque excision and grafting procedure may also be required to remove scar tissue/plaque and replace it with skin grafts.

Possible Alternatives to Surgery

Penis surgery is highly effective, and still the recommended option for some patients, but it’s important to consider the challenges associated with an invasive solution that requires a recovery period. The recent introduction of acoustic wave therapy for ED offers a possible alternative to surgery well worth considering for many men.

Shockwave therapy, also known as acoustic wave therapy for ED, is an effective ED treatment for patients with many types of physical complications, including those with diabetes, low blood pressure, vascular issues and neurological problems. In the course of using acoustic wave therapy, ED specialists have discovered it to be especially effective in the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease, and may indeed become the preferred ED treatment for this condition. Acoustic wave therapy for ED includes a program of six sessions spaced out over two to three weeks, and the positive effects may last up to two years.

If you are suffering from ED problems,obtain a thorough diagnosis from an experienced specialist. Discuss your specific issues and inquire about the use of surgical options such as the penile implant and the inflatable penis implant. Also check whether acoustic wave therapy for ED is another potential ED treatment option for you.


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