Understanding ED

Many men suffer from the effects of ED, and most of them suffer in silence. While this is understandable considering the intimate and private nature of the condition, it is not a productive approach to solving the problem. Effective treatments are available. Understanding ED, answering ED questions, and determining the cause of ED in your own life, is the path to a revitalized sexual function.

One of the first things to know in understanding ED is that you are not alone. Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction, and it can be attributed to a wide range of causes. While not common for younger men, ED affects about 30 million older men in the United States. (Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension, 2012). Men older than 40 are three times as likely to experience complete ED than younger men. (The Journal of Urology, 1994). 1 in 10 men is estimated to have ED at some point in his lifetime. (Cleveland Clinic, 2019), and up to 50% of men in their 50’s experience ED. (University of Wisconsin Health, 2019).

ED Questions

The foremost question for men is, ‘what is causing ED in my life and how can I resolve it’? Of course, there are many other questions that surround this particular question. Depending on the patient’s particular physical, emotional, and medical challenges, these other questions will help in the diagnostic process. After diagnosing the possible causes of ED, the natural questions are, ‘What can I do to solve the problem?’, ‘How long does it take?’, ‘How much does it cost?’, and ‘How effective will it be?’ The answers will be different for each patient, as well as the recommended treatments. Specialists will guide you through the treatment process.

Cause of ED

Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by physical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, and others. It can also arise from post-op surgical conditions from prostate and bladder procedures, and alcohol and drug use. A range of emotional issues can also contribute to ED problems. Skilled ED specialists will conduct a thorough diagnosis, and discuss your ED questions to find the particular cause of ED. Once the possible causes are determined, you are on your path to recovery and renewed vitality.

Understanding ED is the first step you need to take to solve your ED problems. Discuss the causes of ED with ED specialists in Arizona, and make use of the most effective treatments and medications.


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