Vacuum Pump Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

ED vacuum pumps have been used to treat erectile dysfunction for years, and are often recommended as an alternative to drug therapy.

How It's Used

An erectile dysfunction pump uses air suction to draw blood into the penis and to help achieve and maintain an erection. It's important to point out that a penis pump does not cure erectile dysfunction (ED), but it does improve one’s ability to have sexual intercourse.

A vacuum constriction device is used by placing the pump over the penis, and then pumped by hand or run on batteries. Air is pumped out of the cylinder and a vacuum is created. Once the penis is erect, with the help of lubricant, a retaining band can be slid down onto the lower end of the penis in order to maintain the erection.

Limits of The Erectile Dysfunction Pump

The penis pump has been in use for years, and has offered benefits for many men. But many others have been frustrated by its limitations and drawbacks. A penis pump does not cure erectile dysfunction (ED), and requires an awkward prelude to sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction pumps also produce edema, which is a form of swelling. While a swelling of the penis is the desired effect, it is nonetheless medically defined as pathological, and ultimately not a healthy way to solve ED problems. While a penis pump is considered a safe, drug-free, and natural erectile dysfunction treatment option, it is not recommended for men with bleeding disorders, such as sickle cell anemia and other conditions.

Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED - A Viable Alternative?

Acoustic wave technology has been used successfully for many years in other medical specialties, and is now being used for ED treatments, with significant results. Clinically known as low-intensity shockwave therapy, or LiSWT, orthopedists have used it for years to help heal broken bones, injured ligaments, and injured tendons. The targeted high-energy sound waves accelerate tissue repair and cell growth.

Now, acoustic wave therapy is being applied as an ED treatment Shock wave therapy provides a low-intensity, minimally invasive, painless, and drug-free ED treatment. As a real alternative to the penis pump and PDE-5 inhibitor potency drugs, shock wave therapy increases nitric oxide to produce a similar effect as PDE-5 drugs, but treats the cause instead of the symptom, with more than a short term effect. As Shock wave therapy continues to gain popularity, it may eventually prove to be the most effective ED treatment for many.

Some clinics report a 93% success rate of decreasing symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction (ED), and excellent results in the treatment of Peyronie's disease. The effects of the acoustic wave therapy for ED can sometimes last up to two years.

Discuss the ED vacuum pump option and its limits with experienced specialists, and learn about other options that may prove to be the most effective ED treatment for you.


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