ED in men can be attributed to a wide range of causes, including vascular conditions. Here is a broad overview of some of the vascular conditions that can negatively affect sexual performance.

Venous leak conditions, whether caused congenitally or by trauma, may create leakage from the penis. Penile venous surgery can be performed on young men, and will improve the trapping of blood to the penis and a man’s ability to have and maintain an erection. Venous constriction devices may also be employed.

Low blood pressure similarly limits erectile performance, and the drugs used to treat hypertension can also come with unwanted ED side effects.A diastolic blood pressure measurement of 80-95 mm Hg is a reliable general indicator of good erectile function.

While high cholesterol and erectile dysfunction may seem like unrelated conditions, they actually go hand in hand. Because cholesterol contributes to an unwanted buildup of plaque in the blood, it also affects the blood vessels surrounding the penis.

Obesity creates many unwanted challenges for the body, and ED is a common side effect from inactivity and overeating. Associated emotional factors regarding self-esteem and reduced sexual activity can also accompany obesity problems.

Smoking affects blood circulation, and sometimes affects men as young as 20. Smoking disrupts blood vessels in the penile arteries and often becomes a contributing factor in erectile dysfunction.

ED treatments can range from traditional natural supplements, like ginseng and yohimbe to ED medications such as Vardenafil (Viagra), Sildenafil (Levitra), and Tadalafil (Cialis). Surgical methods such as penile venous and penile implant procedures are available for men who do not respond to these drugs, and for other men with conditions such as venous leak issues. Acoustic wave therapy for ED, with products such as Shockwave or Gainswave, is relatively recent and has emerged as a most effective ED treatment, opening up a new avenue for many men.

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